Custom Diy Collagen Fruit Vegetable Facemask Machine

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  1. Mini DIY fruits and vegetables maker .One-button operation, a hundred of mask making at home. Apple, watermelon, grape,pear,mike,Aloe , orange, strawberry, grapefruit juice,etc.
  2. Natural health food grades,no-irritate,health skincare high-quality of the mask to provide better nutrient absorption for facial skin, tightening the skin and restoring its elasticity to bring you beauty.
  3. Large round cup easy clean machine and USB rechargeable Li-battery 250mah. 60mins working time.

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Model ENM-853  
Material ABS 
Mask making temperature 75-80°C
Maximum water capacity 80ML
Charging USB charging
Power DC5V-1A
Temperature control time 5 min
Net weight 130g
Accessories host, mask pallet, manual, color box, 1box collagen, cup,usb cable
Color box size  180* 160 * 85mm

Product introduction

Simply operate one power button and the LED light working mode. only 4 minutes to produce a jelly mask, this is an economical and convenient way to do safe facial beauty at home.

High-quality ABS raw material with a transparency cup, making a visible DIY fruit and vegetable mask, the electroplated decorative ring looks like a luxury product, silicone anti-slip pad, safety, and effect.

Automatically magnetic stirring rotor system with motor speed is 4000 RPM/min.speeds up collagen dissolution and food grade mask plate easier cleaning machine.


Operation instruction

      1. The water used must be above 85 degree/ 185 centigrade.
      2. Add 60ml water and 20ml nutrient solution.
      3. Before adding liquid, the magnetic stirrer should be placed at the bottom of the cup and adsorbed at the bottom of the cup.
      4. The mixing time of device is 4mins.
      5. Put the mixture into the mask tray and spread it evenly with a plastic knife.
      6. The cooling time is about 5mins.
      7. The device will shout down automatically if it is not working for more than 10mins.
      8. When the liquid solidifies in the cup,it is forbidden to start the machine, please clean the cup before use.

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